It happened one 11 May

1934 : The dust storm reached 2400 km long

On May 5, 1934, in the United States, a dust storm in the Great Plains reached 2400km long until the east coast: it covered a third of the territory. The multiplication of these storms caused a migration of people to the coast because of land desertification. The combination of this phenomenon to the crash of 1929 is known as the period of the Great Depression.

1953 : Waco tornado

On May 11, 1953, a F5 tornado on the Fujita scale struck the city of Waco, Texas killing 114 people and injuring nearly 600 others.

1981 : Bob Marley dies

The King of Reggae, the Jamaican musician Bob Marley died of cancer in Florida.
He was only 36 years. He was at the height of his fame.

1985 : 56 dead in soccer stadium in Bradford

On May 11, 1985, a fire broke out in the football stadium in Bradford, England. Within minutes, the roof completely burned and trapped hundreds of people. 56 people were killed. The wooden roof had to be changed to a metal roof the following week.

1987 : Trial of Klaus Barbie

On May 11, 1987, the trial of Klaus Barbie began in Lyon. The former Gestapo chief in Lyon was charged with 177 crimes against humanity. The Butcher of Lyon had worked for U.S. intelligence after the war, first in Germany then in Bolivia where he had worked for many years in the secret police, doing the same kind of work he did for the Gestapo. France had to wait for a more democratic regime in Bolivia for the extradition.

1997 : Kasparov beaten by Deep Blue

On May 11, 1997, the IBM supercomputer, Deep Blue, which can analyze 200 million chess moves per second, beat the chess champion Gary Kasparov, recognized as the greatest player of all time. This was the first time a computer was able to beat a chess champion. At their first encounter, Kasparov had beaten Deep Blue.

2010 : David Cameron becomes Prime Minister

On May 11, 2010, after the elections of 6 May which saw the defeat of the Labour party, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats went into an agreement to form a government and the Conservative leader, David Cameron, became Prime Minister.

Quote of the day : 11 May

Bob Marley
Get up, stand up, Stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up, Don't give up the fight.

Birthdays : 11 May

Margaret Rutherford, English actress (1892)
Salvador Dalí, Catalan painter (1904)
Haroun Tazieff, French volcanologist (1914)
Camilo José Cela, Spanish writer, Nobel Prize in Literature (1916)
Richard Feynman, American physicist, Nobel Laureate (1918)
Antony Hewish, English radio astronomer, Nobel Prize for Physics (1924)
Marco Ferreri, Italian director (1928)
Valentino Garavani (Valentino), Italian fashion designer (1932)
Corinne Lepage, French politician (1951)
Renaud Séchan (Renaud), French singer (1952)
Fanny Cottençon, French actress (1957)
Jean-François Dérec, French comedian (1957)
Isabelle Mergault, French actress and director (1958)
Brice Hortefeux, French politician (1958)
Natasha Richardson, English actress (1963)
Greg Dulli, American musician (1965)
Christoph Schneider, German musician (Rammstein) (1966)
Thomas Hugues, French journalist (1966)
Anaïs Jeanneret, French actress and novelist (1967)
Jeffrey Donovan, American actor (1968)
Benoît Magimel, French actor (1974)
Janne Ahonen, Finnish ski jumper (1977)
Laetitia Casta, French supermodel and actress (1978)
Austin O'Brien, American actor (1981)
Jonathan Jackson, American actor (1982)
Abou Diaby, French Footballer (1986)
Giovani dos Santos, Mexican footballer (1989)

They left us one 11 May

William Pitt, the Elder, Prime Minister of Great Britain (1778)
Spencer Perceval, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1812)
Jean-Baptiste Boussingault, French chemist (1887)
A. E. Becquerel, French physicist (1891)
Lex Barker, American actor (1973)
Odd Hassel, Norwegian chemist, Nobel Laureate (1981)
Bob Marley, Jamaican musician (1981)
Chester Gould, American cartoonist (Dick Tracy) (1985)
Bruno Neves, Portuguese cyclist (2008)

Tip of the Day : 11 May

Protect ourselves from aliens

Many people have reported being abducted by aliens. To avoid being kidnapped yourself, here are some tips from people who have been abducted and others who have managed not to be abducted.

First, we should close doors and windows at home and add a maximum of locks. We may leave a light on to sleep, with an alarm in case of power failure (it was often noticed that when the aliens were abducting a person, they cut off the electricity first). We can also wear a special helmet to protect ourselves from telepathic probes.

One should also avoid walking alone, on foot or driving in isolated areas: most abductions took place in such places.
If we are in an isolated area, it is recommended not to look at our watch, because in most such abductions, the victims were just looking at their watches.

We must also avoid associating with people who have already been abducted: if they had been once, they could very well be another time.
It is better to spend time with people who do not believe this kind of kidnapping: never having been abducted, maybe they have tips that can protect others.

If despite these tricks, we meet an alien, the first thing is to determine whether it wishes us well or ill. If he is armed and has already hurt the creatures around you, it's time to think to hide, preferably before he can see us.
If he saw us and he comes towards us in a friendly manner, it is preferable to express a warm welcome instead of yelling or waving arms.
Then we should introduce ourselves, try to find a way to communicate, exchange our business cards ...
With any luck, all this may end with a wonderful free ride.

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