photo La Galerie – Master glassmaker in Valbonne

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La Galerie – Master glassmaker in Valbonne

La Galerie – Master glassmaker Ada Loumani in Valbonne

Works suspended in matter

Ada Loumani Master Glassmaker
L.A. Galerie
Place de l'Eglise
Tel 04 93 12 97 04

Glassmaker, Ada Loumani, works and exhibits his work in the LA GALERIE in Place de l'Eglise, Valbonne.
This self-taught artist manages to incorporate his painted works, inspired by classic historic paintings, between two sheets of glass.
Loumani's unique and still uncopied technique consists in foreseeing, anticipating and mastering glass expansion at the moment of fusion.
The artist paints a work or reproduces a painting using paints developed by NASA for painting the letters USA on shuttle fuselages which endure extremely intense pressures and temperatures.
Ada Loumani paints on surfaces between 10-15cm long, and after glass fusion and deformation his works stretch to 40-45cm!
The trick lies in being able anticipate and master the glass deformation stage.
The technique offers a new look at great works of art, and Ada Loumani's paintings suspended in glass are displayed in his gallery, which has been granted “Enterprise of Living Heritage” label in recognition of French artisanal savoir-faire.


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