photo La Colle sur Loup

photo La Colle sur Loup

photo La Colle sur Loup

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La Colle sur Loup

This characterful village, located in the middle of Vence, and formerly the centre of perfumed rose cultivation before it moved to the town of Grasse, is renowned for its rich religious and artistic heritage.


"Historical heritage and gastronomic riches"
Our get-away starts with an exploration of Colle sur Loup’s oldest heritage, the Abbey.
Built in the 5th century, it served as a relay post en route to St. Honorat Island, second-largest of the Lérins Islands, until it was placed under the jurisdiction of the Abbey of Lérins.
Requisitioned in 1789, it was sold to a rich Neapolitan who sold it on to the chef at the Negresco-Nice Hotel, who in 1938 turned it into a restaurant-hotel called “Abbey chez Joseph”.
The chef’s resourcefulness at finding supplies during the Second World War was greatly appreciated by Colle sur Loup’s inhabitants. After the war, the building served as a cultural landmark for the great artists of the time: Daniel Gélin, Dany Robin, Georges Marshall, Tino Rossi, Brigitte Bardot and Henri Georges Clouzot, who also got married there. Nowadays the Abbey, with its 3-star hotel and gastronomic restaurant “541”, has once again become a delightful and characterful culinary destination. Its cloisters and chapel, listed as historical monuments since 1927, are also of note.


"an artistic and historical village"
Passing under the porch of Canadel Castle we enter into Colle sur Loup and wander around its lively shopping streets and ancient narrow lanes.
St. Jacques Church built in stages from 1580, with its Renaissance style façade, is located right at the village’s entrance. Wandering around the Colle sur Loup’s lanes, you will come across some very beautiful carved doors, no fewer than six chapels, around 100 old wells and many fountains reminding us that the village used to serve as a supply point.
The village also has plenty to interest art lovers as many antiquaries, bric-à-brac dealers and artists have established their shops and galleries in the centre of Colle sur Loup.


"Clue trail in the village and its natural surrounding landscape"

DESTINATION NATURE offers a unique way of exploring Colle sur Loup’s rich heritage.
Richard Martinez has created treasure hunts and walking clue trails around the village. We will go on an hour long fun walk suitable for families, including young children. Clues are hidden in or sometimes carved onto the village’s monuments.
Alternatively, we can go on a 2.5 hour walk to La Loubière castle through the village. This slightly more demanding circuit takes participants around Colle sur Loup’s rural landscape.
Following a short explanation of the itinerary’s main features and terrain, participants are given a large screen GPS and an Institute of National Geography Card.
Numbered points indicate where the various clues are hidden leading to the hidden treasure. Armed with a picnic and GPS, this is a fun and interesting way to explore Colle sur Loup’s riches and surrounding landscape. (Price = GPS hire = €28).


La Colle sur Loup

Valérie Pellegrini

27 Avril 2011
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